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Stephanie is a former model, Tv presenter and personality, a speaker, a writer, a mindset and travel influencer and the Founder of SuccessLifeGoal LTD.

She is born on the French Caribbean Island called, Guadeloupe and raised in Paris, France, where she studies Medias. 

She appears in different TV reality shows, like the famous “Take me out” for the Italian branch and Miss Power Woman, a beauty pageant shows also directed by the founder of Miss Multiverse ( Where she proudly represented her country as Miss Power Woman France 2017, which gives her the opportunity to compete at Miss Power Woman International, where she received a title for the Catwalk Category.

After an extensive and rewarding international career in Fashion and Show business, she became a TV presenter for “Top Model UK”, well-known fashion event and leading model awards in United Kingdom ( 

As a certified international coach, she becomes a personal career and business advisor within the entertainment industry, working with diverse talents such as performers, actors, models, and creatives entrepreneurs, from around the world, practicing in the meantime her multilanguage talent, as a 6 languages speaker (French, Creole, English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, with some basics Japanese).

Stephanie is a co-author of two amazon best seller books: “Unstoppable Courage” and ” Rejection to redirection”, and the author of the 2022 book “Billionairess…is the goal.”, a visionary book, entirely dedicated to women in power, business, and leadership and that is developing the idea of building up the women’s world of tomorrow, where more and more global wealth will be owned by women ( 

She frequently collaborates in Business and Entrepreneurship related medias such as Brainz Magazine (, as a writer contributor. She has been featured in WOTC magazine (, FOX, NBC, and CBC affiliates ( 

Most of Stephanie’s work is based on her “Success Mindset” expertise, which mainly focus on Power related topics and Leadership studies. She is actively promoting “women’s empowerment” and is engage in volunteer programs for women education as well as global education, around the world.

She is driven by the necessity to empower others and help them becoming the best version of themselves by achieving their dream or success goal and become the successful version of themselves.



Korean – Travel Blogger


Californian – Digital Entrepreneur


Danish – International DJ


Indian – TV Personality


Australia – Fashion Stylist


UK – Worldwide Olympic Champion


Here, we allow ourself to DREAM BIG! And so should you!

Our society can easily get us lost and disturbed, and pushed away from our dream goals. Why?…Lack of confidence, fear, lack of knowledge or resources, stress or just wrong environment.

This is why we exist. We are a business that is entirely dedicated to Personal and Professional Growth, and this why we are called SUCCESS…LIFE…GOAL. It’s about MOTIVATION-EMPOWERMENT and EDUCATION.

For the Creatives

Are you a Creative? Trying to make a living out of your creativity? At Success Life Goal, we embraced CREATIVITY. From Fashion, to Entertainment and Performance, we are here to help you building up your personal brand, find your niche, stay motivated, go through your career challenges and make your success goal come true.

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Being successful is a mindset that can be reached by anyone who decides to follow the process, focus and be dedicated in developing the success mindset. And yes, it can be You! You can be successful.

We like to define the success mindset philosophy as being a winning mindset. Using self-awareness, including personal growth and self-empowerment, and exploring actual success stories, understanding what set them up apart from others.

That is why we have putting on an online coaching programs that you can be part of, and where you can train yourself about Leadership, Motivation and Success.

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Allow Yourself to BE!

Be Powerful

We live in a society where everything we see, we want and everything we want, we don’t always got! What if finally, you always get what you want? what if you could be powerful…

Be confident

Have you ever questioned yourself about what your life could be if you were confident enough to be who you are meant to be or do what you’ve always wanted to do? …Trust me, it’s really worth it!

Be yourself

You are unique, you have potential, and you have that little something that makes you special, but most of the time everyone else sees it except you, and all you need to do is to connect with your soul.

« Everybody is born successful. We just have been programmed to lose! »

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