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SuccessLifeGoal is a streaming platform, that help aspiring influencers learn from established influencers. With a monthly membership, subscribers can access to instructors and learn any type of skills such as personal branding, social media marketing, followers building, business or entrepreneurship, as well as creatives skills such as gaming, writing , modelling, comedy or sport just to mention a few.

Talented, creative and impactful social medias experts, Top Influencers, Celebrities with a proven following audiences (up to over 1M), will share their knowledge and train others to become as well successful influencers.

The goal is to give the possibility to the students to learn from the best and the experienced but also, to be inspired and influenced to follow their dreams or their success goals.

Each course is between 20 to 1h long, featuring videos of 3 to 10 min. Learn on your own terms.

Join a community of like minded, creative people, who are looking to growth and become as much as possible the best version of themselves, anytime and anywhere.

Meet Stephanie, Founder of SUCCESSLIFEGOAL

To all SLG students, 

I’m Stéphanie and I’m the founder and CEO of SuccessLifeGoal Mastermind.

I have partnered with some of my celebrity relations and Influent personalities to create a platform where we reinvent learning. Everything doesn’t have to be academic. Life is also an excellent teacher.

In 2021 the key of your success is yourself. You can be successful just by being yourself and do what you love. Using your Creativity, Curiosity and … your uniqueness to SHINE.

Learn more about Stephanie : 

Stephanie is a French-Caribbean celebrity coach, international speaker, writer, author, six languages speaker and a current nominated for the “Women of influence” 2022 category at Success Magazine.

As an international coach, Stephanie works with diverse talents such as models, influencers, athletes, and creatives entrepreneurs. Some of her clients are Olympics athletes, wrestling performers from the WWE, Millionaires and Billionaires Entrepreneurs.


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Mickey Anderson aka Skini Mini
South African, Dragqueen Perfomer and Model

Instagram: @officialskinimini

Kristy Scholler
UK Top Model
Instagram: @kristyscholler

Alexandra Rozier

UK Freelance Model

Instagram: @alex.rozier

Marian Gojnea

Romanian Aspiring Model

Instagram: @g_marian.o

Meghan Gray

UK Model and Professional Musical Dancer

Instagram: @meghaneegray

Paris Raine

Actor / Model / Presenter

Instagram: @parisraine


Artist Performer

Instagram: @bethany.lyttle


Holistic intimacy Coach

Instagram: @fit.vybes 

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“I want you to be motivated and to stay motivated!“
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