SuccessLifeGoal is a personal growth company based on helping others to develop a “Success Mindset”. In today’s world we are constantly challenged by life, at the personal level as well as at the professional and this is the reason why it is important to at least being aware that those challenges can be handled, by applying the “Success Mindset” philosophy.

Well known leaders have managed to fight unbelievable circumstances, achieve and secure success, which make very inspirational and motivational stories.

My name is Stephanie and as the founder of SuccessLifeGoal, my goal is clear! I want to show the world that achieving success is possible and it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or even what you have or not have today. What’s matters is where you go. You are the key of your success… all it takes, it’s a mindset… the ”Success Mindset”.  And I am here to teach you how to train your brain to succeed in life at all stages.

 What is the Success Mindset?

I am personally describing it as being a winning mindset. Where there is no losing only learning, no failures only opportunities and there is no problems only solutions. Failure is the mother of all success. If it wasn’t for Michael Jordan getting cut from his ninth grade basketball team, he wouldn’t have became “MICHAEL JORDAN”.

Here are what we offer:

Brand Collaboration

Personal Branding and Business Branding Consulting

Part of Success Coaching service is actually to make sure you are aware of all the possibilities you have to make sure your Brand/Business become successful. With Success Life Goal, we will help you bring clarity, authenticity and effectiveness to your business. Either you are looking to start your own Business or you are already established and looking for professional advices for your brand, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

What should you expect from our service?

– Definition of branding
– How to get started (for new business Owners) or full review of your established Brand.
– Business Management
– Brand Image Mastering
– Customer/Audience/Niche relation

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Corporate Training


Leadership is a powerful skill that can create tremendous success in business and in life, but great leaders are developed with consistency, dedication and A VISION. At Success Life Goal, we have designed leadership training that will help leaders and companies around the world to achieve the success that awaits them.

Here are some of the main topics treated in the training :

– The Meaning of Leadership
– How to develop Leadership skills in the everyday life?
– Team Building
– What it takes to be a Leader?
– How to define “good” Leadership and “bad” Leadership ?
– Leadership is a Process

If you want to grow yourself as a leader, equip your team with the skills to move you forward, or engrain Success Life Goal’s leadership concepts into your company culture, please Contact us right here:

Customer Service Relationship

Customer service has evolved as one of the leading differentiators which consumers consider before making a purchase. Developing strong customer service in creating a feeling of satisfaction, making them feel secure and create that special connection can really improve the foundations of what makes a Business successful or not on a long term. Many organizations are unaware that there are problems with their customer service. It was recently found that 80% of organizations think they provide superior customer service. The shocking part is that only 8% of their customers felt the same way.

Here are some of the main topics treated in the training:

– What defines good customer service?
– What are the impacts?
– Working with the concept of adding value
– Impact of first impressions
– Understanding the causes of complaints and how to deal with them
– Techniques for successfully resolving complaints

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“People will forget what you saidpeople will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Maya Angelou

Corporate Travel Retreats

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Public Speaking

Guest Speaker

As the Founder of Success Life Goal, as well as Success Coach, Entertainer and International Speaker; Stephanie will be extremely happy to deliver her vision and passion as a Guest Speaker for your event. She has dedicated her life inspiring others and allowing themselves to have dreams and to actually pursue them.

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Large Events & Keynote Speeches

Stephanie is mesmerising and engages with your whole audience no matter how large. She has a personal and profound message to share with your audience, which is not only remarkable and relatable but also proven to work.

Why your audience needs to hear Stephanie ?

Because She is one of the kind tall woman that is naturally born for this. She has that energy that keep your audience captivated and engaging. Hiring Stephanie for your events is a guaranteed lasting memorable moment.

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Seminars, Workshops & PR Days

No audience size too small, Stephanie loves to work in-house with your team, directly with journalists or with the public, inspiring your audience to maximise their potential while representing your brand’s key messages without being sales.

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Awards & After Dinner Speeches

Steph can tailor a speech to your event, keeping the message light-hearted and amusing with riveting stories yet still impactful and full of take home action points. She is happy to mingle with your guests after the event for pictures and Q&A’s. Completely Entertaining!

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