No, I won’t be giving up on my dream!

-Everybody who has a dream and decide to stick to it , has at one point of this journey faced the emotional russian mountains, whether it’s sadness, loneliness, self-doubt, depression or more… it comes and goes to finally become a waist of time, or a dream whose stays a dream.

-Fact is that all of those emotions are normal results of how the society raise us. Which is not bad! But it seems bad because their is actually no other options to compete against that. Either you follow the society or not. But We! As human being, we got options, we can live a life following our heart or our brain. We can follow the society or our destiny.

-And so what now? The reality is that your brain is not ready for success or just not prepared. You have a dream but nobody will teach you to believe in yourself or to fight for your worth. Nobody will teach you to never give up and train your brain to be strong enough to just stand up no matter what ! This is just not in the society or school books. You have been told, sure but how can you make it, how to transform a thought into actions ? Not to mention that the further you get, the loneliest you are…still, how can I be ready enough for all of that?

-Hope! There is hope! And you can make your dream happen. As long as you are willing to learn. Success is a mindset that can be achieved by anyone as long as you are ready to ask for help and follow the process. Success is a lifetime journey and it is much more supportable if you do it with someone who can be on your side and guide you on the right path. Become aware.

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