BILLIONAIRESS… is the goal.

Author : Stephanie Benjamin

Available in March 2022

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Billionairess…is the goal, Book by Stephanie Benjamin


By 2030, there will be more and more global wealth owned by women than men and those are not my words but Mauro F.Guillen’s words, author of the book “2030: how today’s biggest trends will collide and reshape the future of everything”

BILLIONAIRESS: a woman whose wealth is estimated to be at least a billion dollars, euros, pounds, or any other monetary units. 

This is the basic definition that you will find in dictionaries or Google. Now, let me give you my definition: 

“A Billionairess is that woman who managed to go through all the society stigma, who knows what she wants and who she is and does not take no, for an answer. She is smart and hardworking. She is not afraid of getting out her comfort zone. She is a high achiever. She is not a follower; she is a Leader. She does not just possess over a billion in wealth, she is making an impact in this world. Which is more than ever, today, marvellous!”

Since forever leadership was crafted and designed for men. Men were meant to lead and provide. Until today this mindset remains valuable. But it is not the only one. Now, women are taking the freedom of ownership and leadership, and making their mark in Business and male dominated industries. Those are facts that we cannot denied, as the numbers are only increasing.

And there is one thing that I am sure about, is that the future…is female. 

This is a new era, where the “controversial feminine leadership” will have a powerful voice in the society, where you can wear heels and run an empire. Where You can dream big. And yes, you can be the next billionaire and be “A WOMAN”.  

Before anything, if you are a woman and you attempt to read this book, I want you to understand that you have the choice. And this is not about being right or wrong. No matter how the society changes, you have the choice to be the woman that you want to be. You have the choice to be a mom, a housewife, a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a truck driver, a pilot, an artist, an athlete… you have the choice to be rich, to be single and happy, to be ambitious, to want more from life. You can have it all if you want to. If it is your decision and this is who you are, then it is ok. And this is entirely a woman luxury.

But what does it take to be a woman in Business, Leadership and Power, as well as dealing with relationship and society expectation … and what does it really takes to be a Billionairess? 

10 Successful women in business have accepted to join me in this book to give their side of the story. Those ladies are billionaires, millionaires, leaders, or business owners. Hopefully, some of those stories will have an impact on you and inspire you, women of today but also women of tomorrow, to become the best version of yourself, go after what you want and yes… why not? Be the next #billionairess.Let me introduce you to that generation of women, who are fearless, powerful, successful and who live their life in their own terms. 

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Felisha Kay – @felishathediva

Felisha is the founder of High Value Lifestyle Academy™ a company that empowers women to require more value in their lives unapologetically. She is a HV Lifestyle and Relationship Strategist. Understanding that women deserve to be valued in business, relationships, and in all areas of life, she helps strengthen them in self-love and self-worth. She is a Multi-Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Women of Excellence Award Recipient, and She Inspires Me™ International Award Recipient. Felisha is a cosmetic formulator, and Fine Fragrance Artist/Perfumer. She is CEO of FeliKay®LLC.

You can learn more about the very powerful story of Felisha in our Podcast right here:

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Natasha Edwards – @tokyo_cherie

Natasha is the founder of the wine business, Movifresco ™ .

Those are Natasha’s words:

“Somehow, I won the hearts of those around me, perhaps they saw my words and actions as courageous but for me it was about getting it done and feeling good about it, and completing tasks with a manner of excellence. Movifresco ™ my wine business came as a road to Damascus experience. Over time, the business evolved. The limited company name it trades under is Whitestone. Whitestone was really the moment when it all changed for me.”

Connect with Natasha right here :

Facebook: Natasha Edwards 

Instagram: @tokyo_cherie

Beate Hoffmann – @thebeatehoffmann

Successful Entrepreneur from Germany.

I grew up in a small town in a rural area. I have two brothers and one older sister. When I finished school I had the intention to study and become a lawyer, but my parents wanted me to do an apprenticeship and earn money. 

So I became a lawyer assistant and I worked as an employee. Because my parents did not have faith in me, I was rather anxious about the tasks I had to learn and to do. And I did not have any confidence. But already at this time I saw that my working results were very good. I wanted to learn and I had great discipline.

Connect with Beate on instagram: @thebeatehoffmann

Ungenita Prevost – @ungenitaprevost

American Award-Winning Feminine Leadership Expert and Founder of Femme 500 Global Feminine.

She is the Creator of Networking IN STILETTOS™ – The #1 Business Networking Event For Women.

Those are Ungenita’s words:

“Statistically speaking people like me don’t make it. I was aged out of the foster care system when I turned 18 and experienced every financial hardship you can possibly imagine (homeless, jobless, car-less, cashless, and parentless). 

Three business skills are responsible for transforming my financial trajectory, sales, communication and NETWORKING.

Today, I am an Award-Winning Feminine Leadership Expert and I teach women how to build social capital and monetize their NETWORKS.”

Connect with Ungenita right here:



Penny Power

Penny is a British Author, a Speaker and  Founder of Business is Personal .

She believe that “Business is Personal, and you can lead the life and business you want”.

In 1998 I Co-Founded with my Husband Thomas Power, the worlds’ first social network for business, when there was MySpace and Friends Reunited, I believed that there is a space for businesspeople to be friends. Four Years later, LinkedIn came a long and then another 2 years after came Facebook. Since then, the world of connecting has changed and become toxic, it challenges our mental health, our focus, and our ability to deeply connect with others. It has created mass loneliness, and the reason I create communities, as I want people to know they really matter to others. Therefore, I build communities; they provide that deep human need we all have, the need to belong.

Connect with Penny right here :

Website: – BIP100.Club where we Celebrate and love Experts.

Tel and WhatsApp:  +447771543478

Author of “Business is Personal”

Jamile Desouza Davies – @jamiledavies

Founder and CEO of the Alpha Project – mentioned best Travel and Tourism Influencer 2021 – Proud Mom of a teenage boy..

Jamile’s words:

“I truly believe that we must start to value processes rather than just the ending result or the ‘so called’ success stories. Of course, everyone wants to achieve a positive outcome on everything that they do but the story (or the process) is much more valuable and interesting that I am pleased that in this book we are having the opportunity to share that we are all made of stories and regardless of the result, we can all learn from them. “

Connect with Jamile right here:


Insta: jamiledavies

Elvira Fernandez – @elvira.feroca

Spanish Model -Business Woman – Mother of 4 – Pro athlete’s wife  and creator of Sofia Juliette Paris (Skin care brand).

Elvira’s words:

“You might be thinking, how do I manage it all? With will, love and ambition. You need those three things if you want to do something in life…You need will to put that time aside to do what you are supposed to do to bring that idea into life.

You need love, because without love nothing can be created, and with love everything can be created, love is the key to success in life.And you need to have ambition to push yourself to be the best version of yourself and make your dreams come true. Time is always an excuse, because whenever you really want something in life you always take some time for it…So, with will, love, ambition and a bit of organization everything is possible!”

Connect with Elvira:


Insta: @elvira.feroca

Sandra Baptist

Sandra Baptist is a Profitability Strategist, a Best-Selling Author and Founder of the Profitize Your Business™ Movement. An accountant for nearly 30 years, Sandra specializes in helping business women profitize, monetize and grow sustainable powerhouse businesses with her Premier Profit Plan™.

Sandra has been seen on numerous national and international media, both online and offline, including ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS affiliates, Personal Excellence Magazine, to mention a few.

Having lived on 3 continents, Sandra now lives on a Caribbean Island of 365 beaches. She has one son.

Follow her on LinkedIn at and download her “7 Ways to Profitize a Million-Dollar Business” at

Sandra Imiela – @sandraimiela

Social Media Manager – Digital Creator – TikTok Influencer with over 200k followers.

Sandra’s words:

“To the young girls I’d say: Go for it. Don’t overthink, try it, fail, and get up. Your 20s are for making mistakes, collecting experiences and learning. Don’t let anyone doubt yourself. They might not understand your vision, or they wouldn’t dare to do it. This shouldn’t influence your actions. Being afraid is ok. You need to get out of your comfort zone, do things that you have never done before to achieve what you don’t have yet.”

Connect with Sandra:

Instagram/Tiktok: @sandraimiela

Shikha Chakravarty – @imageproconsultancy

Founder and Ceo of Image Pro Consultancy – Trainer – Speaker from India.

Shikha’s quote:

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room .”

Shikha’s words:

“A Journey from being a Teacher to the founder CEO of  Image Pro Consultancy . 

My name is Shikha Chakravarty. I am an Image Consultant , Soft Skills Trainer , Educationist , Keynote Speaker & Public Speaking Coach. My 11 years of research and experience in the field of Teaching ,Training & Consulting have helped more than 15,000+ Students , 1000+ Educators & 3000+ Individuals in transforming their life. I have been awarded for my work in 20+ platforms on National & International Level .”

Connect with Shikha:

Facebook :

Linkedin :

Youtube :

Instagram :

<strong>Author </strong><br><strong><em>Stephanie Benjamin - @officialstephebenj</em></strong>
Stephanie Benjamin – @officialstephebenj

Founder of SUCCESSLIFEGOAL LTD, International Speaker – Motivator – Success Mindset Influencer.

She designs the life she wants.

She decides what she can or can’t do.

She is born a LEADER.

Let’s get together and celebrate the women’s world of tomorrow.


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