No, I won’t be giving up on my dream!

-Everybody who has a dream and decide to stick to it , has at one point of this journey faced the emotional russian mountains, whether it’s sadness, loneliness, self-doubt, depression or more… it comes and goes to finally become a waist of time, or a dream whose stays a dream.

-Fact is that all of those emotions are normal results of how the society raise us. Which is not bad! But it seems bad because their is actually no other options to compete against that. Either you follow the society or not. But We! As human being, we got options, we can live a life following our heart or our brain. We can follow the society or our destiny.

-And so what now? The reality is that your brain is not ready for success or just not prepared. You have a dream but nobody will teach you to believe in yourself or to fight for your worth. Nobody will teach you to never give up and train your brain to be strong enough to just stand up no matter what ! This is just not in the society or school books. You have been told, sure but how can you make it, how to transform a thought into actions ? Not to mention that the further you get, the loneliest you are…still, how can I be ready enough for all of that?

-Hope! There is hope! And you can make your dream happen. As long as you are willing to learn. Success is a mindset that can be achieved by anyone as long as you are ready to ask for help and follow the process. Success is a lifetime journey and it is much more supportable if you do it with someone who can be on your side and guide you on the right path. Become aware.

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Think like a #Celebrity!

Just for the time of reading this article, think about it! 

What it is that celebrities have or do that make them different from us? 

Is it luck? Money? Hazard? Talent? Beauty? That’s all I can think about now but maybe you got another idea… lol.

What if I tell you that is it actually none of those. I know, right now you look at me like I am a weirdo, but really, you can be beautiful and have money and still not be a celebrity. 

As a Success and Celebrity Coach, who have been dealing with celebrities or public figures, this is exactly what I love to explore, none only about how celebrities think, but actually about “the way of thinking”, which gives them access to their success goals.

But let’s be honest, celebrities are under the spotlight and so this is the reason why we are more attracted and inspired by them. 

There are few tips on how you can think like a celebrity:

1. Believe in yourself!

Honestly if you got that you got the most of it. Believe in yourself and be confident no matter what! Fair enough, I have to say, that, it Is a very difficult thing to do, it requires years of practice for most of us and even for someone who does already it’s remains a challenge on a long term. However, if you don’t work on believing in yourself and your potential then you won’t be able to achieve anything. If you don’t believe in yourself who will? This is part of your job not someone else.

My tips on how to work on your confidence its to first know yourself. What’s it is that you good at, what it’s your thing! Once you know, shape it. Be so good that it makes you exceptional, naturally your confidence will increase step, by step. 

2.Fake it until you make it.

Look confident. You know what you doing, you know how to do it, and if you don’t know then learn. If you are passionate enough about that thing, it will then just smoothly go. Even if it’s not perfect, it’s ok, stay real but handle it your way.

3.Don’t be scared of failing.

For most of them they have been through rejection, criticism, misunderstanding…and still they never give up! Because this is just not an option!

4. Be/stay positive.

Shit happen! The all world can turn into a nightmare, celebrity or not, this is how it is. But guess what? That’s what make you even more stronger.

4. Brand your image ( Personal Branding).

Body language is 70% of our communication, what people see, gives them an idea of you, good or not! That’s why you need to be consciously body language aware. What you looks like should be prepared like a movie character. Be the best version of yourself, stand out, be also aware of your image. You got a name and a potential, you know it…then make the world know it too!

5. Share, because sharing is caring. 

Give to others, help others, be part of charity association. But do it with a real purpose, it has to have a meaning for you, because what you feel, people will feel it too.

6. Have an healthy lifestyle. 

If you love yourself, you take care of yourself. Work out, be organised, maintain a good health, make sure you are always ready for every opportunities.

Celebrities are just the results of the process success mindset. No, it won’t happen to you just like that, this is a lifetime journey, with dedication and determination, but MOSTLY with passion!

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Chase your dream, honey!

I will say it for you!

When I was a little girl, I didn’t have the chance to have a Mom to tell me those words:

“My girl chase your dreams, keep believing and the sky will be your beginning.”

I had remixed this part of a Nigerian singer that I am listening called Wizkid and the song name is “Joy“.

So yes, I have this little voice inside to keep me going and so if you are in this situation where you, sometimes, feel alone and wish you had that person to support you on your journey, then I will be the one who will say it for you. Keep on believing…

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The most influencing Success Book of all the time: Think and Grow Rich!

For my very first article, I would like to start with the foundation of the success process, and it is with one of the first Best Selling Success Book of all time: ” THINK AND GROW RICH”.

Written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 and published the same year, Think and grow rich is one of the very first self-improvement book.

The reputation of this book can tell by himself how it helps many people understand the success mindset and how to achieve their goals.

I personally consider this book like my success bible, everything in this book is based on facts and real success stories… and has everything I needed to understand, like what exactly successful people did and have in common that actually make them pre-settled for becoming successful, and that’s why I would advise you to read this book.

Is there a Success recipe? Seems like yes, as per the book, just like cooking recipes, it needs some practices, and depending of people some learn faster than others, some takes longer to understand and some of us just give up.


The principal keys that you should consider if you want to achieve your goal, mentioned in the book are: Desire, Faith, Autosuggestion, Specialized Knowlegde, Imagination, Organized Planning, Decision, Persistence and Power of the Master Mind.

Most, if not all, of my personals researches as a Success Mindset Specialist, are presented in this impactful and resourceful book and so I would complimenting you if you decide to follow smartly and wisely one of the best Success Book of all time! #Masteryourself

The ” I want to be” Process.

Tell me what is it that you want to be ?

Extract from the serie Scandal season 5.

We often just whisperer what we want to be or what we wish we could be…This extract is perfectly explain the process of how, actually, this will happen. Its “cliche”! Mellie wants to be a President, and you? What is it that you want to be? What is it that makes you who you are? What have you been through? What is your story? Replace the book mentioned in the video by your life and you have the exact recipe of How you will become who you want to be. #successmindset