Author: Stephe Benj

Think like a #Celebrity!

Just for the time of reading this article, think about it!  What it is that celebrities have or do that make them different from us?  Is it luck? Money? Hazard? Talent? Beauty? That’s all I can think about now but maybe you got another idea… lol. What if I tell you that is it actually none […]

Chase your dream, honey!

I will say it for you! When I was a little girl, I didn’t have the chance to have a Mom to tell me those words: “My girl chase your dreams, keep believing and the sky will be your beginning.” I had remixed this part of a Nigerian singer that I am listening called Wizkid […]

The ” I want to be” Process.

Tell me what is it that you want to be ? We often just whisperer what we want to be or what we wish we could be…This extract is perfectly explain the process of how, actually, this will happen. Its “cliche”! Mellie wants to be a President, and you? What is it that you want […]