Author: Stephe Benj

Need a Celebrity Life Coach

Do you feel the need of hiring a Celebrity Life Coach? Great! That means you looking for to invest into quality self care, improvement and love. You probably living a life under the spotlight and full of attention from your business partners, social medias, sponsors, fans, even maybe unknown people and more. Fact is that, […]


Women Of the City Magazine Featuring: I have the pleasure to announce you that, I am featured in the WOTC Magazine of January 2021, “The Power issue.”  The well know WOTC Magazine (@wotcmagzine) is the #1 women’s magazine on all things enterprise, to support women who use their power and influence to make a difference. […]

How to get away with criticisms?

Question is …Who are you? Just face it…you know what? You can even stand up right now in front of the mirror and ask yourself this question. Because to be honest everything in life is about knowing who you are. So if you don’t have a clear answer to this question, then there is where […]


UPW Virtual: The event of a lifetime! by Tony Robbins POWER UP… FOREVER! Just like a battery, we have to power our momentum in life as well. ?? Tony believes that making a decision that will create a sustainable, positive outcome for your preferred lifestyle is the way to go. It is the pure reason […]

Interview with Celebrity Influencer Jamile Davies!

So happy to introduce you my very close friend Jamile Desouza Davies @jamiledavies, named one of top influential women of 2020 in the world by USA TODAY, also CEO of the ALPHA PROJECT She tells us everything about how she become an influencer, what it takes and how she manage her life, being […]

No, I won’t be giving up on my dream!

-Everybody who has a dream and decide to stick to it , has at one point of this journey faced the emotional russian mountains, whether it’s sadness, loneliness, self-doubt, depression or more… it comes and goes to finally become a waist of time, or a dream whose stays a dream. -Fact is that all of […]